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This is me Lotte and I’d like you a few moments of your precious time to walk you through what I call ‘The journey of my soul”.

My journey. I worked for many years in the corporate world. I was simply moving year to year, feeling like each day was groundhog day. There was an unsettling yearning inside, such a compelling force…as if my soul was seeking something else…perhaps something more. Today, I can say with utmost faith that the universe always finds the right time to signal us when it is time to do what we were truly ‘born to do’.

A bit about me...

So, my story goes like this…after many years of feeling trapped in a mundane routine, I was not ready to settle for it anymore. So, finally I broke out of the shackles and created something of my own. “Aretreeeat”.

Yoga, wellness and pilates is taught all over the world. There are some great masters teaching the people the art of this beautiful phenomenon. Whilst I am navigating my own path, I am blessed to have discovered my true passion and ultimate calling. I started doing yoga in 2010, and then went on to Pilates, and began teaching in 2017 and ever since have never looked back!

Now, I am proud to say that I have a diverse and versatile career as a Yoga and Pilates instructor, as well as being a wellness coach.


The Three E’s




My belief in the 3 E’s today overpowers my own existence as I have felt myself go through the same journey. I have not only embraced and evolved naturally, but have energised both as an individual and a professional. Today, having acquired this confidence and mastered the skills, I feel the absolute urge to give back to you what is not just mine, but only mine to share with the universe. The 3 E’s of Embrace, Evolve and Energise capture the essence of where I would like you to be with yourself. I was there one day when I began this journey. I am so excited to share my gift with you to Empower you with these 3 E’s to enable you to become an even more beautiful, peaceful and exceptional version of yourself.

If you can resonate with my emotions and are ready to embark upon this magical, transformational and transcendental journey together with me.…then you can soon spread your wings and be liberated into the journey of your soul. I will use my Energies – both spiritual and physical to help you on this journey.

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I am so excited to share my gift with you to Empower you with these 3 E’s to enable you to become an even more beautiful, peaceful and exceptional version of yourself!  

If you can resonate with my emotions and are ready to embark upon this magical, transformational and transcendental journey together with me…you can soon spread your wings and be liberated into the journey of your soul. 

Join me to partake in Aretreeeat where your own journey is waiting to begin… Join us! Sign up! 

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JUNE 29, 2023 – JULY 04, 2023,  5:30 P.M.

AUG 20TH TO 26TH, 2023

MAY 06, 2023


Meet Our Team

Lotte Edwards

Lotte is an American Yoga Alliance certified instructor and founder of Areeetreat wellness. Her training qualifications total more than 700 hours.

Wendy Riddell

She is from Scotland, has lived in 8 countries in 17 years. Wendy is the Director of UFIT Bootcamps and a 20-years-of experience degree-qualified nutritionist .

Jinny Lee

The CEO of of Divebnb platform. Her narrative begins with the passion of one woman who traveled the world, one tank at a time.

Client Love

I've attended both yoga and pilates classes with Lotte. Lotte has a calming aura which makes you feel comfortable and enjoy the flow. I personally did not enjoy yoga, but Lotte was the only instructor who was able to put me at ease. Her pilates class were also easy to follow but a great sweat. I felt sore after. Would really recommend Lotte if you're trying yoga or pilates for the first time.

Siti McNally Regional Project Manager Bloomberg LP

Lotte has an energy like no other person I know! Her aura and her ability to put others to ease makes her very special. I have attended Lotte's yoga charity session to raise funds to help school kids in Philippines. Her flow yoga concept of infusing dance with yoga made the class so beautiful and fun, yet ensuring a great workout. Lotte is very poised while conducting her classes and she has a unique gift of versatility, where she can adapt her style to the audience providing the personalised services.

Mahima Jaggi Senior Director, Engagement and Communications, Enterprise Technology

Lotte is an amazing instructor and by far the best Pilates instructor! She has taught me the right posture in every move and stretches and these have helped me to manage aches and pains in my body. Now I feel much stronger not only in body but mind! And I like that she is very encouraging and pushes me to my fullest potential. Love you Lotte!

Diana Yeo - UBS SG Pilates Client

Before starting yoga, I had chronic lower back pain and my body was very stiff that I couldn't even reach my toes when standing. After attending my very first yoga class with Lotte, I was given hope. Lotte is really encouraging and so I decided to have private lessons with her. It's one if the best decisions I did for my health and wellness. She really helped me with my weak areas. Being very patient with me, encouraging me that I can do it. Now, I can't believe that at 40, my body is even more flexible than I was in my younger years. Truly grateful to God that he gave me Lotte as my yoga teacher. Now, I'm living a happier and pain free life. Forever grateful to you Lotte! Love you!

Precious Sia Entrepreneur

I had the pleasure of attending Lotte's Inside Flow Yoga class and I have to say it was a truly transformative experience. Lotte's gentle approach to teaching made me feel at ease and comfortable from the moment I walked into the class. Her passion for yoga and helping others was evident in every aspect of the class. Her great energy and positive attitude created an environment that felt supportive and encouraging, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the practice and let go of any stress or worries. What I appreciated most about Lotte's class was her ability to create a sense of community among the students. Her friendly and warm demeanor made it easy to connect with other students and share in the experience together. Overall, I would highly recommend Lotte's Inside Flow Yoga class to anyone looking for a transformative and uplifting yoga experience. Her gentle, passionate, and friendly approach will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and grateful for the opportunity to practice with such an amazing teacher.

Lander Jon Dechos

I have been doing yoga for the past 5 years or so. During these years I have come across many yoga instructors but Lotte was so different. She could make you forget everything and take you into the world of yoga so easily! Her energy level and aura makes you comfortable and makes you try even difficult poses easily. She is a creative person and much talented. Even you go to her classes daily, you would find her classes are different each day and you can feel that you are improving every day! Most importantly end of each class you will feel that you acquired more energy, happiness and love, you will never feel tired! She is a good soul, it would be a blissful experience to be in her presence.

Raj UBS Singapore

I’ve attended Vinyasa Flow with Lotte for several times. I look forward to going once a week and learning new poses. Simply love the music and flow. My body tone has improved and my flexibility too. The class is super friendly and uplifting.

Glenda Yoga Student

I have attended yoga classes with Lotte. I personally never try doing yoga before. But after start attending Lotte session, yoga has brought me physical health, most importantly peace and an overall feeling of well-being! I feel fortunate to practice as such a welcoming studio and will be forever grateful for the knowledge I have from Lotte! I just love the way (and what) Lotte teaches, Thank you so much each and every class of you was just perfect…

Lakshmi Kodali Yoga student, Mastercard

I am a convert. I had never tried Xformer Pilates before so was sceptical. Lotte however is such an energising and exuberant personality and such a wonderful Pilates teacher that I was won over. Provides a full body exercise and you see the benefits of the work very quickly. Highly recommend.

Aled James Head of APAC of private equity. Xformer, Pilates Student

Lotte is an excellent yoga instructor with a passion for helping others find peace and balance through their practice. Her gentle approach to teaching is both welcoming and reassuring, making it easy for even the most inexperienced yogi to feel comfortable in her class. Her positive energy is infectious and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages students to let go of their worries and fully immerse themselves in the practice. Her friendly and approachable nature makes her a pleasure to be around and ensures that students feel supported and cared for throughout the class. Overall, I would highly recommend Lotte's Inside Flow Yoga class to anyone looking for a positive and nurturing yoga experience. Her passion, gentleness, great energy, and friendly demeanor make her a wonderful teacher and a joy to practice with.

Sam Donohue Yoga Student

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